I wish for something simple but special. Something natural with home feeling but no plastic or metal items which leaves color marks on the skin. This is the way we choose jewelry usually, right? A medium that is ecologic, simple, natural, available but at most important Slovenian is most used by me. This is wood. It is so simple, rich and a real treasure for creative miracles. Elegant and bright surface is emphasized by a natural dark, almost black border which highlights the items' shape (pendants, earrings, bracelets, bows, …). Ponavadi tako izbiramo nakit, je res? Medij, ki je eko, preprost, naraven, dostopen in predvsem Slovenski, je pri meni najbolj v uporabi. To je les. Je tako preprost, bogat in prava zakladnica ustvarjalnih čudežev. Elegantno svetlo površino poudarja temen, skoraj črn rob, ki poudarja in izraža obliko izdelka, pa najsi bo to obesek na verižici, mali ali večji uhan, zapestnica …

Most of them are unique hand colored - for some I even use a toothpick or needle. They are suitable for even the most demanding character or color combination and every kind of event. Wooden jewelry is light to wear and you won’t even feel having it on yourself. In the gallery below I present to you some of my creations and in my shop you can find more.

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