Wedding design

Wedding invitation is the first element your guests receive. Let them express your personal style and style of your wedding day.

For invitations I use various paper colors. Some patterns suit a smaller range of colors, but I offer the whole presented set of them for each couple has its own desires. For compliance with the wedding theme color I can add a colored ribbon or other element which will express the main theme of Your wedding. For celebration to be in harmony I can design all other accompanied elements such as sitting arrangement, welcome board, souvenirs for guests, brooches, wooden writings for chairs or tables, cake toppers, thank you cards for photos of newlyweds, … Only our imagination is our boundary.

Every set of invitations is unique. After confirming your order I will contact you for further supplementing the invitation with Your chosen text, text color and shape (font).

For an inquiry please contact me and I will contact you for further coordination and technical details as soon as possible.

In the gallery below you can view my previous creations.

Poročna vabila:

Table dobrodošlice in drugi napisi na tablah:

Poročni topperji:

Broške in magneti:

Metuljčki (zanj in zanjo):

Sedežni redi:

Oznake in oštevilčenje miz:

Napisi na mizah in stolih:


In ostali poročni elementi:

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