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Mother - Wooden Frame for Sonogram


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The first photography of a child is taken way before birth - when a child is still in a mother's belly. Wooden sonogram frame - Mother (or pregnant lady)- will keep the precious photo safe and in a very special spot - just like the baby is at that time.

Suggestion: announcement of a coming baby to the public usually comes in the third month of pregnancy. You can use “mother-to-be frame” for surprise, announcement and a gift at the same time to grandfather and grandmother-to-be.! All you need to do is put the sonogram or its copy in the frame (cut away the corners for a better fit). It can also be in reverse: you can give “Mother frame” to an expecting friend.


Colors:natural (without color), light pink, bright green, gently blue, soft yellow

Dimensions (3): L 30 x 14'6 cm, M 28 x 13’7 cm and S 26 x 12’7 cm

Material: poplar plywood, acrylic matte lacquer

Dimensions of inner frame circle: L 7’5 x 7’5 cm, M 7 x 7 cm and S 6’5 x 6’5 cm


*If you wish to have a personal message instead of presented options of engraving, please contact me.


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Spuščeni lasje, S čopom


L, M, S


Brez, Roza, Svetlo rumena, Svetlo modra, Svetlo zelena


Moj mali sonček, Pričakujemo te +datum, Najin zaklad +imeni staršev