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Mystique – Lesen album (40-listni)


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Wooden photo albums - every one unique and hand made for You or Your friend and family. Mystique is a wooden album suitable for every memory: christening, First Holy Confirmation, wedding, anniversary, … a perfect gift to anybody.

Mystique – lesen album je prav posebne vrste album. Retro izgled mu daje njegov starisnki način vezave. Ta tudi dopušča večjo količino listov kot pri spiralni vezavi (tam je maksimum 30 listov, saj ko je enkrat album napolnjen s fotografijami, se platnici še lahko lepo zapirata). Njegov iz lesa izrezan vzorec se ponovi v hrbtu, ki je iz artificial leather.And not only the binding and style are special - the covers are made of birch wood (stronger wood with intoxicating scent).


Every album with the name Mystique has its own story and there is only one, unique in every way. For their back I chose only earthly colors which came nicely with the chosen wood which is natural material.

Dark brown artificial leather was bought with the purpose of testing and assembling the new kind of albums. It is carefully chosen for its color to match with the naturally burned dark brown edges.

Red one is really special - in this artificial leather my mother's guitar was kept (guitar bag) which is also red in color (now embellished with my painting of poppy flowers). More on Facebook.

Bright and dark brown (middle and the brightest brown on the pictures) are colors of “nostalgia”. Those artificial leathers are one of the spare materials for “just in case” scenarios which luckily never happened. Kitchen chairs (and other kinds of furniture mostly for sitting) in most homes were covered with those colors at the time of Yugoslavia.

Mystique albums v zelo omejenem številu. Every fabric has its own story. Sadly, not all pieces are big enough for me to make more than one back of this kind of album. But you can add your own story to Mystique: send me a piece of your material . and I will transform it in the back cover for your own Mystique..


cut first wooden cover
wooden back cover
40 trših listov (200g) – A4 format
tracing paper between (200 g) - A4 format
artificial leather or fabric
metal connector bolts

Material: birch birch plywood, acrylic matte lacquer, metal connector bolts

*You can put 2-3 photographs 10 x 15 cm of size on one page (In case of three photos: two portraits layouts and one landscape layout or vice versa). This album can have 160-240 photographs.

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Red, Dark brown, Brown, Bright brown