Folklore Beauties of Slovenia


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Folklore Beauties of Slovenia is a booklet with brief descriptions of Slovenian heritage. It is a unique, handmade booklet with author illustrations - each book is assembled by hand. I present to you six of the most known regions with its dancers in their most recognizable dance forms. When you open the booklet those couples and groups pop out and dance around the place which gives them a three-dimensional effect. Their colorful representation takes us in the past for the moment. It is a great business gift and a memory of our country. It can even serve as a quick historical reference for our younger generations.

Represented regions: Upper Carniola, Lower Carniola, Styria, Carinthia, Prekmurje, White Carniola and Litoral
Content: author illustrated dance figures in their typical folk costume and typical land features, bilingual descriptions of some of regions features, symbol of Slovenia with region mark
Dimensions: A5 format (210 x 148 mm)