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  • Mali uhani - Kofetki
  • Mali uhani - Kofetki
  • Mali uhani - Kofetki

Coffee Earrings


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Of all Smileys (mali nasmeški - pronounced: maly nasmeshky) the Coffee earrings are the most unique. They are hand colored and no two are completely the same even if they are the same color. They are painted with the help of a toothpick and a sewing needle. Coffee Beans and Coffee to Go are made especially for all playful and colorful people who are keeping the spark of youth within them. They can be worn for every occasion where you wish to show your youthful spirit.

Dimensions: from 4 x 7 mm to 5 x 10 mm

Material: poplar plywood, stainless steel base*, lacquer colour

*Stainless steel is hypoallergenic but in rare cases it can also cause allergic reactions. In case you are allergic to it, please leave a note, before completing your order - I will replace the steel pads with plastic ones.


Smileys (mali nasmeški - pronounced: maly nasmeshky) are small earrings. They bring a smile on every face like any other small and cute item. They are unique and a really nice gift that brings a smile to every girl and woman's face. Wood is simple, rich and is a real treasure for creating almost everything.Elegant bright surface is in contrast with contour which is almost black. This emphasizes the shape of every wooden jewelry: earring, pendants, bracelets, … All earrings have hypoallergenic metal bases and for some people that is not enough - for them i have bases made of clear plastic. Smileys are arranged in three groups: two-coloured and complex or multi colored earrings - from simple (solid color) and minimalistic but spirited souls up to girls who are comfortable with showing their forever young and playful character (Coffee earrings, apples, pears, ...).

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Coffee beans, Coffee to go


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