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Wooden Planner


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Prepare yourself for the new year! Let the Wooden Planner join you on your journey. It is equipped with a ribbon and elastic band for better organisation. The covers are of wood and as such they are solid protectors of the content. The inside sheets contain carefully selected content material prepared for organizing people. The ribbon will help you stay on the present week and the elastic band will keep the covers closed tightly. Every week has a written note of which month it belongs. The inside are also embellished with Slovenian laces - for each month a different pattern. For additional help in tracking the end of the month and the beginning of the new one every first day is marked. 

The Planner contains:

  • full-page review of the current year
  • full-page review of the following year
  • space for entering trip ideas and goals
  • list for entering birthdays of friends and family
  • full-page review of each month (separately)
  • space for adding your own important dates
  • space for shopping list
  • double side review of each week
  • list for entering phone numbers
  • space for notes

Dimensions: A5 format (210 x 148 mm)
Material: poplar plywood, acrylic matte lacquer, metal spiral binding, printed sheets of paper

*Planner can be spiced up with added engraving of your personal message - for this option, please contact me.


All products are handmade, unique and made of wood - renewable and ecologic material. With them You also spare the nature of another piece of plastic.

The Wooden Planner is a product with cut out or engraved images of Slovenian laces. Lacery is a section for every lace lover and Slovenia enthusiasts. Laces are a symbol of prestige - even clothes have higher value with lace design, pattern and accessory. They are cut out or engraved on wooden (jewelry) boxes, Veneerian bowties,Wooden labels on bottles, coasters, coasters for pot, photo albums,buttons, … Lace patterns represent Slovenian tradition of Idrian bobbin lacing and are evergreen in fashion. 

Additional information

Lace Pattern

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


School year (sept.-sept.), Calendar year (whole year: jan.-dec.)

Lace appearance

Engraved, Cut out