• Snežaki - okraski za jelko
  • Snežaki - okraski za jelko
  • Snežaki - okraski za jelko

Snowmans - Christmas Decorations



Simple shaped Snowmans are for all winter enthusiasts. Sadly not every winter snows but you can still have (and color) a snowman - this time in your own home! There are 10 snowmans in one set. All of them are made of light wood. No matter how many of them you hang on a tree, its branches won’t droop. Decorations are naturally bright and will give a stunning contrast to a tree. You can even paint them to make them even more special.*

Green metal hooks are included in every set. The number of decorations in one set are defined in photographs too.

Dimensions: from 43 x 35 mm to 70 x 78 mm
Material: poplar plywood

*The photograph of colored snowmans is only for example how they can be painted.