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Life of The Forest - candle holder


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In a nice evening atmosphere with friends and family a few things come in really handy: festive table, candles, finest friends and candle holder in the middle, casting shadows of the forest around. The candle holder Life of The Forest walks our mind through the forest and in silence shows us its life. Just add a little candle in the glass jar and relax while looking at a lively play of shadows.

One glass jar and one tea candle are included.

Motives on the Life of The Forest: bears, vulves, rabbits, deer and birds on trees on all four sides (owl, woodpecker, etc.)
Dimensions: 155 x 115 x 115 mm
Material: poplar plywood, acrylic matte lacquer or acrylic color

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No color (natural), Red brown, Light brown, Dark brown, Green, Black, Golden